Why was this site built?

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This site started off life as several unrelated pages across two servers, with cross-connected links between the two. That is not a really good way to do things, and having sufficient space on one of the servers for a number of decent sized images, the current format was developed. A "framed" site was chosen because it is so much simpler to use a seperate side-bar menu to go from page to page without losing continuity.

Another answer relates to why the need. It was felt that a central reference point for the railways within South Australia could be useful, if nothing else to provide a series of links to the individual operating companies. This has been done, some way down the menu bar on your right.

From the menu bar on your right you will be able to select some areas in which to browse. An email reply form has been provided so that should you wish, comments on the format, and any changes you might wish to suggest can be sent to me. Please let me know your thoughts.

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