Into 2000 with West Coast Railway...

Not a South Australian operation

While not a South Australian operation, it might have been, because they were an unsuccesful tenderer for Australian National's passenger service that became Great Southern Railway in November 1997. It might have been rather nice to see the "Overland" depart from Keswick behind a blue (albeit lighter coloured blue) Clyde-EMD S-Class or B-Class or even both!

West Coast Railway have spent the last five years establishing themselves as a private passenger carrier between Melbourne and Warnambool, and their web site is well worth visiting. The degree of effort they have put into making their service profitable is commendable, and we hope that GSR's future is as well assured.

We include, with their permission, a slightly edited page from that site which describes briefly their background and aspirations. This is well worded, and unlike the rest of this site, is likely to be accurate! Please press here to go and read what we might call WCR's "mission statement". When you have finished reading it, close the new window it loaded into in order to return here.

Updated Saturday, 1st May, 1999