Joint Stock Sleeping Cars (V&SAR)

used on "The Overland"
Adelaide-Melbourne express train

In Great Southern Railway's 1998 refurbishment programme, the Aboriginal names of some sleeping cars previously written off and/or sold are now being applied to rehabilitated non-sleeping cars, previously un-named.

To date, "Tawarri" and "Allambi" sleepers plus "Purpawi" (5BJ), "Mururi"(7BJ) and "Kookaburra" club car (2RBJ) have been seen in their new all stainless livery (see picture at foot of page).

From official document source: SAR 5960/49 - CME 2021/49


Roomette Cars

        CHALAKI - Evening

        *ALLAMBI - Quiet place

        *TANTINI - Sleeping

        *MURURI - To sleep

        *NANKURI - Good

        *PURPAWI - Calm

        TARKINJI - Sunrise

        JUKI - Southern Cross

Twinette Cars

        WERONI - Quiet

        DORAI - To sleep

        *NOMULDI - Gently

        MOKAI - To rest

        PAITI - Twilight

        MALKARI - Moon

        YANNI - Journey

        KULDALAI - A dream man who came out of the Southern Cross

        TAWARRI - Evening breeze

        YANKAI - Walkabout

    *These names have been taken from the vocabulary of the Lower Murray Aborigines, the others from the natives who lived in the N/W of Victoria, ie. between Ballarat and the SA border, and have been chosen to perpetuate the language of the original inhabitants who roamed the route of the Overland.

    The list accompanied a letter dated 9th February 1987 from the Passenger Operations Manager of AN Rail to the owner/operator of this website.

    While an official document of the South Australian Railways when originally compiled in 1949 during the construction of the sleeping cars (refer to the top of the document), it is believed that the material is free of copyright. It is available in text file format by clicking here. If you print this document, you should ensure that this disclaimer is included.

    BJ economy class sitting car no. 5, "Purpawi" resplendant in the refurbished colours of the "Overland" photographed on 18th February 1999 at Keswick while electrical upgrading work was being performed for GSR.

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    updated 28th February 1999