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Except where identified otherwise, all photography is mine and is copyright © C R W Ashton 1999. If you wish to make your own copy of any of my images, please do me the courtesy of asking first. If you do so, then I will be happy should you decide to use the image(s) wherever you wish, providing you post a credit for from where you got it or them.

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The written text and all the illustrations will eventually be available on a CD-ROM disc, and unfortunately we shall have to charge for copies to cover the production cost of each disk to be "burnt". Currently negotiations are under way for copyright clearance for those illustrations for which I do not own the copyright. So far, a "blanket" copyright permission has been given by the Public Relations Manager of Westrail and the management of Clyde Engineering in Sydney for all those we would like to include; others are still being negotiated.

We hope that the set will be worth the cost; please email us if you have an interest in this project.

Here is a mixture, so press to view them.

Here are some more including a few oldies for nostalgia. Press here to go to them.

Some which are more recent are here; press to go and look.

A set of snaps taken at the time of the inaugural "Indian-Pacific" 's arrival at Perth on its east-west journey across Australia can be seen here; click to see them - preferably right clicking to open in a separate window outside the frame. I was the only non-departmental photographer permitted trackside, apart from the ABC Television news crew, so these are quite unique.

If you would like to know what the Aboriginal names assigned to the "Overland" sleeping cars mean, please click here. The information is taken from a former South Australian Railways Chief Mechanical Engineer's Department document in my possession. Also included are photographs showing the original and the new liveries of "Overland" cars.

Updated 2nd July 2006