Into 2000 with National Rail Corporation...

This "chapter" will be completed when more details are known about the privatisation process through which National Rail Corporation is currently going, and the procedures being set up are eventually finalised.

As a private individual, my hope is that it will become a genuinely private corporation, with absolutely no heavy-handed control able to be exercised by any government of any political party's philosophy being able to be exercised over the decision making processes of its management.

In similar vein, it is also my hope that the New South Wales Government's "Freightcorp" is allowed by its "minders" to stand on its own two feet without interference, and without any subsidy being chanelled into it resulting in the undercutting of legitimate private operators' tenders, such as was seen with its apparently less-than-cost quote for the haulage of Leigh Creek coal to Port Augusta at the end of 1998.

Please stay tuned, as this chapter is developed.

Updated on 29th April 1999