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This site has content relative to railway operations within South Australia. By "operations" is meant any operation related to railways, whether commercial or enthusiast-based, whether freight or passenger haulage, whether construction, remanufacturing, or just pipe-dreaming.

The site does not claim to be comprehensive, nor exclusive. To do so would require a full-time webmaster, plus the continuous availability of information from all the various sources. Rather it contains what information has been able to be gleaned from time to time.

Links are provided to all known websites associated with this regions rail activities, and references to publications read or owned by the webmaster, past and present, are detailed under "Bibliography". I hope you enjoy visiting; if you didn't like it, please send me an email from the foot of this page, outlining what you would prefer to see. Thank you for calling; please come again!

On 8th November 1997, the intrastate (within South Australia) freight operations of the Australian National Railways Commission (trading as Australian National) were privatised, becoming Australia Southern Railroad, and the interstate passenger services (previously run in conjunction with the Victorian and New South Wales Government Railways Departments/Corporations - V/Line and State Rail respectively) having been privatised the week before, and becoming Great Southern Railway.

This subject has been researched as a basis for an article (or two) for the English magazine "Continental Modeller" which had expressed an interest. Due to the amount "discovered", much more material than could ever be published by them has been collected, and this is why some has been published on this website, with more to be added subject to available space, which on someone else's web server is always limited.

Because of a wealth of photographic and other images having been accumulated - not just recently, but sporadically over the years - the complete work is likely to be available only on CD-ROM, rather than in printed or web page form because of the less expensive overheads in CD-ROM production.

From the menu bar on your right you will be able to select some areas in which to browse. An email reply form has been provided so that should you wish, comments on the format, and any changes you might wish to suggest can be sent to me. Please let me know your thoughts.

The information presented on this site is, I hope, accurate, and I am greatly indebted to many railwaymen over some thirty years of conversations about the topics covered. From recent times I would like to single out several who have given me considerable assistance, often at moments when it was not entirely convenient to them. In alphabetical order, I would like to thank the following, recognising that there are others too, unnamed:

In addition I would like to acknowledge information gleaned from many issues of the following periodicals:

Catchpoint, Network Rail (and its predecessor, Network), Track and Signal, Railway Digest, Railway Transportation (now defunct), The Recorder, and others.

Also a number of books, to which credit is acknowledged in the body of the text.


It is important to realise that no two people will ever read the same sets of facts in exactly the same way. All of us humans put our own interpretation on things, rightly or wrongly making assumptions frequently based on what we thought was the tone of voice used by someone being interviewed, or even in casual conversation.

In about 1982 I read a very interesting set of notes entitled "Some historically insoluable railway problems in South Australia", published by Reece Jennings in 1980. This was effectively the transcript of a lecture given by Dr. Jennings on the same topic to the Railway Historical Society in 1979, and this has encouraged me to think deeper than the superficial.

I hope (that as the author of this series of articles) I have not misrepresented anything of importance, and if I have, I would be pleased if such inacuracy could be brought swiftly to my attention for correction.

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