The Railways of South Australia

This site has content relative to railway operations within South Australia. By "operations" is meant any operation related to railways, whether commercial or enthusiast-based, whether freight or passenger haulage, whether construction, remanufacturing, or just pipe-dreaming.

Please don't confuse the title of this site with the railway organisation previously known by the name "South Australian Railways" until when its identity and assets were given away by the elected state government of the time in the 1970s. Some of the story of the South Australian Railways' last decades is told in the historical section of this site.

In the narrative section of the site, italicised small font notes refer to illustrations which it is hoped to place in the text in due course. These are not typographical errors.

I might (eventually) compile an historical archive written from my perspective. If you would like to contact me in this connection, please do so by email to richard.a --at--

Where photos are used, they are acknowledged by the source. Thumbnail images associated with the text are used to link to a larger image which can be more readily examined.

Except where identified otherwise, all photography is mine and is copyright © C R W Ashton in the year in which taken. If you wish to make your own copy of any of my images, please do me the courtesy of asking first. If you do so, then I will be happy should you decide to use the image(s) wherever you wish, providing you post a credit for from where you got it or them. Equally, you should not use images belonging to others without their owner's permission.

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Photographs taken on the day that the last "Overland" departed from the Adelaide Railways Station, and the first movements in and out of the new passenger terminal at Keswick will be featured here in due course. In the mean time, please take a look at the "Photos" pages.

Further images will be added from time to time. Eventually it is likely that one or more CDs will be compiled from my collection of unpublished photographs, so that images unable to be placed on the server can be viewed.

I hope to be able to include some taken by others as well, and this product will be available for interested people to purchase at a low cost.

Verbal permission over the telphone was given by the Public Relations department of Westrail to feature historic photographs supplied by them to me a number of years ago, and thanks is extended to them, particularly as these photos will now be able to be included as full size 24-bit colour jpeg images on the CD-ROM sets, rather than the small 256-colour images on this site on the internet.

Created 3rd April 1999;
updated 1st July 2006